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Chad Gracey Biography

Any additional/needed information visitors may have would be greatly appreciated... Thanks to all of you who have sent me info to put here!!!

Full Name: Chad Alan Gracey

Date of Birth: July 23, 1971

Place of Birth: York Hospital, York, Pennsylvania (Same hospital exactly 1 week after Ed)

Instruments Played: Drums, Saxophone in High School

Drumkit used: Pearl Master's Series

Cymbals used: Zildjian

Drumsticks used: Pro-Mark 5A (hickory)(actually, it's a bit bigger than a 5A, but it's only made for him)

*Note* Chad uses more equipment than just this while on tour and recording. To get deatiled information on his equipment check out the Chad's Gear section.

Graduated: William Penn High School, June 1989

Current Residence: Orange County, California

Moved to Residence: April 2006

Favorite Food: SUSHI, bar-none. Also likes his mom's cooking.

Favorite Amish Food: Shoo-fly Pie

Favorite Beer: Many, Yeungling is one of them.

Favorite Movie: Swingers

Favorite Author: Tom Clancy

Favorite Rock Group: Soundgarden

Favorite Albums: Stone Temple Pilots, Core, Smashing Pumpkins, Siamese Dream, Soundgarden, Superunknown

Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Woodworking, House Repair/Remodeling, military history buff, interested in ghosts and paranormal

His Father's Occupation: Carpenter

Chad's Most Probable Occupation If Live Was Not A Success: College degree and a career in the medical field

Pets owned: A beagle named "Trigger" and a Rodesian ridgeback named "Luther"

Favorite song off of Mental Jewelry: ???

Favorite song off of Throwing Copper: White, discussion

Favorite song off of Secret Samadhi: Gas Hed Goes West

Favorite song off of The Distance to Here: ???

Favorite song off of V: ???

Favorite song off of Birds of Pray: ???

Favorite song off of Songs From Black Mountain: ???

As I said before, any questions (???) you can answer or additional info you can contribute would be appreciated!!