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Photo Album

Below you can find a wide variety of photos of Chad Gracey and Live. Many thanks to the Live websites out there, many of which are linked to the Live Links Page, for providing the majority of this material. Special thanks to Jimmy Lang, creator of the Live From York, PA official Live website and Ed Kowalczyk, creator of The Hole in the Universe website for allowing the use of some of their content. Due to visitor input, I made the photos available through links, in an effort to reduce downloading time. Also, if any of you have photos that would fit well in here, please email me at I'd love to put any additional images in here!

Fan Photo Section

The Chad Gracey Fan Site also hosts a fan photo section where fans can post their pictures with Chad on the website. To check it out, Click Here!!

Pics of Chad's Custom Furniture

Chad ordered a custom bed and some nightstands made with Live artwork on them, and they finally arrived. He took some photos for those who are interested in checking them out. Click Here to have a look.

Pics from Oregon

I traveled to Oregon in June 2001 and scanned in some pics from Chad's house and out in the area. Click Here to check them out.

New Photos From Jimmy

Jimmy Lang was kind enough to send me some photos for use on the site...these are very cool...have a look and see for yourself!

Jammin' on the Djembe

Hard at Work

Gettin' Funky

Playing quiet

Do the shades at soundcheck make him cool?

Morpheus, What is the Matrix? When did Keanu start playing the drums??

The Distance To Here Publicity Photos

Publicity Photo #2

Publicity Photo #3

Publicity Photo #4

Publicity Photo #5

Publicity Photo #6

Publicity Photo #7

Publicity Photo #8

Photos of Chad

First, here's a picture of the ULTIMATE drum kit

Here's a photo of Chad's signature drumsticks

Here's a picture of Chad working on the brand-spanking-new album, yet to be titled

A large photo of Chad playing!

Leroy, a SOYer, with Chad Gracey

Tasha, a buddy, with Chad G.

Tasha, at a different show, with Chad G.!!

Chad found something on a hike. I wonder what it is?

Chad with his toungue out!

Click Here to see the Chad on the cover of Modern Drummer Magazine

Chad's ad for Pearl's Floor Drum Kick Pedal

Chad's ad for ProMark Sticks

Chad Playing

Chad Playing Some More

Hey! Chad's still playing!

Guess what? He's playing again!

Chad plays the guitar??

A fuzzy picture of chad playing

Chad after a SS Summer Shed Tour show

Chad's Title Photo from Modern Drummer June 1997

Great Black & White Photo of Chad Playing

Modern Drummer Picture #1

Modern Drummer Picture #2

Modern Drummer Picture #3

Modern Drummer Picture #4

Modern Drummer Picture #5

Chad With My Friend Charles Colletti

Chad Hard at Work

Chad Giving the Evil Eye to Photographers...

Chad's looking a little under pressure here...

What's with the Red Robes? They Sure Make a Drummer Look Bad...

Another Picture of Chad Bangin' the Skins...

Photo of Chad from Secret Samadhi Insert

Band Photos

Here's the guys from Throwing Copper days

Leroy, the same SOYer, with Ed Kowalczyk

A photo of Ed's, Chad Taylor's, and Pat's picks!

Tasha, a buddy, with Chad Taylor

A Wide Shot of the Secret Samadhi Tour Set

Gracey's looking a little goofy here...

The Two Chads at work!

Ed and Chad Playing

Still More of Ed and Chad Playing

Here's the Whole Band from a Magazine Shot during Throwing Copper Time Period

Ed and Chad, "buh-bye"

The Gang after graduating!

Death of A Dictionary Publicity Photo

Photo of the band

AAHH!! Morning Face!

The guys looking...hip??

Chad and Ed signing autographs

Mental Jewelry Publicity Photo

All the guys together in the Secret Samadhi insert

Secret Samadhi Publicity Photo

Throwing Copper Publicity Photo

The guys playing "Freaks" in the video shoot

Ed and Chad Taylor in a B&W Publicity photo