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Official Live Sites

Friends of Live - the official Live Website

Homespun - Join the friends of Live fan club!!! Only $25 a year and you get a bunch of really cool stuff and info

Chad's Endorsers

Pearl Drums

Zildjian Cymbals

Pro-Mark Drumsticks

Shure Microphones

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Live Fan Sites - My buddy Dan runs this awesome site for Live fans - Another great discussion group site run by Dmitri over in Russia - very cool!

OLGA's Live Tabs - almost every Live song's tabulatures

Joshua's Fan Site - +Live+ springboard site

Annette's Live Page - Comprehensive Summer Tour show reviews/set lists!

The Live Trader's Page - Got bootlegs to trade? Want bootlegs? This is the place to go!

The Unofficial Chad Taylor Fan Site - Hmmm...could a trend be beginning??

Electra1k's Homepage - A good friend of mine out in Indiana, check out her site, including the great Live stuff. Be sure to tell her I sent ya!

Kiggity's Rockin'World - My friend Kyle's website, which includes a pretty long list of bootlegs, not only Live's but others, as well as a good links page...check it out!

Dave's Live Page - A cool site with lyrics, tabs and interpretations.

LiVE: Be Here Now - A cool site with personal interpretations on Live's songs, also some current links

The Unofficial Patrick Dahlheimer Fan Site - Now that the possibly illegal site is gone, we have this very comprehensive Pat site to keep the flame going for the bassist of Live. Check here for all things Pat!

Subculture of Live - This is the Dutch Live fan club. Many cool peeps!

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