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Live Odds & Ends

My Live CD Collection

Click on the links to see a photo of the album and a list of the tracks on the album

Four Songs

Mental Jewelry

The Beauty of Grey

Throwing Copper

All Over You #1

Selling The Drama #1

Lightning Crashes

Secret Samadhi

Lakini's Juice #1

Lakini's Juice #2

Freaks #1

Paper Flowers

Shit Town

Live - In Conversation

Live Tour History

If you want to know when and where live has ever played, then check out the Live Tour History right here!

Surprise Shows!

Surprise Show at CBGB's New York, New York, March 8, 1998 - An unannounced surprise show at the famous New York City club, featuring ALL NEW material!!!

Surprise Show at The Viper Room Los Angeles, California, May 28, 1998 - Another surprise gig for the west-coast fans out there, with a set list of nothing but new material!